How Does PresentationTube Work?

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PresentationTube offers a video presentation recorder and video sharing platform. The Recorder is a simple tool designed to help you record PowerPoint video presentations from the comfort of your home or office, and without the need to have Internet connection while recording. It synchronizes presenter’s video, PowerPoint slides, drawing board, and whiteboard and generate videos ready for uploading to PresentationTube network.

With visual aids, like the drawing board, presenters can draw lines, curves, graphs, and shapes on the screen to emphasize or clarify their ideas, so the demonstration can be clearer. The whiteboard also allows the presenter to type text while presenting using the keyboard making it an ideal tool to add more details, or explain equations using words, numbers, and symbols.

To start using PresentationTube:

  1. Record presentation: Download PresentationTube Recorder and start recording and narrating your presentation using PowerPoint slides, webcam, whiteboard, drawing board, and web content. The video presentation recorder produces the video presentation file (asf).
  2. Upload video: Upload only the video presentation file (asf) using PresentationTube upload tool and enjoy the new and interactive features of video presentations.
  3. Share online presentation: Share your PowerPoint video presentation via email and social networks, or embed the video presentation in your course pages, website, or blog.