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PresentationTube provides a Lite version and Pro version of the Recorder, with different licenses. The Lite version is fully working but limited to 15 minutes of recording time, and has basic video recording options. This version is licensed for personal and educational use only.

To download the free version of PresentationTube Recorder, first, register in PresentationTube website by clicking on “Sign up” link. Enter your email address, and select a username and password. Login using your username and password then click on “Record” link to access the Recorder download page. Click the “Download” button to be forwarded directly to the software download page to download PresentationTube Recorder in self-extracting Setup package.

To install PresentationTube Recorder, double click the setup package and follow the installation instructions. After installation, click on the PresentationTube program group under All programs and click the PresentationTube program to run the Recorder.

The Pro version offers full control over video and recording options, and includes life-time software license, 1 year free upgrade, 24/7 technical support, uploading unlimited number of video presentations, with unlimited video storage space and delivery. To buy the Pro version, select the appropriate version then click “Buy Now” to be forwarded to the MyCommerce order page.