Adjusting Recording Options

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  1. Click the “Config” toolbar button to open the Recording Options window.
  2. Adjust video recording frame rate. PresentationTube Recorder records at 24 frames per second (fps) to improve the quality of video output and give the appearance of seamless movement. When increasing frame rate, we recommend that you also keep in mind how it will affect the overall recording file size (range 12 – 50 fps).
  3. Adjust video recording bitrate. Video Bitrate is the number of bits used per unit of playback time to represent a continuous video after source coding (data compression). Typically, PresentationTube Recorder records at 700 Kbps. The encoding bitrate of video file is the size of a video file in bytes divided by the playback time of the recording (in seconds), multiplied by eight. A higher bit rate means that the video has more information (range 700-1500 Kbps).
  4. Tick the “Capture Mouse Cursor” and “Highlight Mouse Cursor” boxes to capture and highlight your mouse cursor movements in the video recording. Check only if you need it. Capturing and highlighting the mouse cursor uses substantial CPU resources and has lower priority than capturing the slides only.