The main component of this project is to help university and school teachers produce and adopt effective video tutorials to improve access to quality learning content. Today, thousands of university and school teachers in Arab and non-Arab countries use PresentationTube to help their students by presenting curriculum materials, illustrate concepts that are less easily explained through traditional media, support new types of learning opportunities, and provide enrichment activities for students in traditional face-to-face classes and through e-learning environments.

The project was implemented by Dr. Sadik in cooperation with Internet Society, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), South Valley University (Egypt), and Ministry of Education in Egypt and Oman. Analyses were conducted on surveys, interviews, Web logs, Internet Society project documents, and Egyptian and Omani Ministry of Education documents.

1. By the end June 2016, PresentationTube offered more than 6,000 quality video tutorials for university and schools students In Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. These tutorials produced by the teachers themselves and covered almost all topics in both Arabic and English. These videos are being watched by students and used by in many ways and strategies as reported by teachers and students.

2. The project built the ICT capacities of thousands of teachers. It developed their competences in ICT integration in teaching and learning, e-learning, video production and integration, and lifelong learning. The project initiatives were implemented by participants, addressing ICT integration in less developed areas and allowed access to quality content. More than 50% of the training sessions and workshops involved female teachers from less developed areas in Egypt and Oman.

3. PresentationTube project established a free-access and global online network for producing and sharing instructional videos. The network offered meta-tagged, high-quality, classified, and relevant online video content library that would be immediately and easily used by teachers and students.

4. The project promoted effective use of information technology for the production and dissemination of quality e-content in Egypt and Oman, which developed positive attitudes toward producing and exchanging of online resources and learning objects among teachers and students.

5. The project was scaled up in many other Arab countries and around the world by building awareness, developing teacher IT skills, and increasing access to knowledge sharing, and widespread use of digital video content to connect and make meaning of information.

6. The results indicated that the importance of the ease of use and liking of PresentationTube is that it has a significant positive relationship with future adoption of the network. In addition, the relative advantage, as perceived by teachers, is positively related to the innovation’s rate of adoption. In other words, teachers are more likely to use PresentationTube they perceive as easy to use and useful for producing and publishing video content for their students.

7. Analysis of learners’ responses to the survey indicated that they found PresentationTube videos useful for their understanding and revision of topics and effective on occasions when they had missed a class or needed some help to understand. In addition, addressing learners using personalized narration allowed them to believe that they are active participants in the video tutorials, thereby improving learning and possibly motivation.

8. Students found PresentationTube very encouraging and effective way for learning. They provided useful comments in the open-ended questions regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of PresentationTube.


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