Fundamentals of Management

Dr. Lalatendu Kesari Jena
“Management” broadly refers to planning and coordination of works to produce desired result. A “Manager” is a person who practices management by working with and through people in order to accomplish the organizational vision. A manager is said to marshal the organization's resources (i.e. people, finances, facilities, and equipment) for realizing the fundamental goal of an enterprise. “Principles of Management” defines the manager’s terrain while welcoming the students to learn its nuances for effectively managing the fast-changing world of business. The subject will take us all into a fun journey of learning the four vital managerial functions: (a) planning, (b) organizing, (c) leading, and (d) controlling.Keeping in view the need of the learners, this course familiarize learners with the various functions, processes, activities of management and helping them to appreciate the underlying theories that constitute the discipline of management. This course is run over 12 weeks and requires 3 to 5 hours of time in wach week. Learners will learn from video programmes of subject matter experts, web resources and pdf/ppt contents and also from peer interaction. Activities like quizzes, participation in discussion forums and short assignments helps the learners for better understanding of concepts. After completions of all required activities, learners will receive course completion certificate.
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