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How does PresentationTube create the slide thumbs and integrate them with the video?

Using the new ASF video format invented by PresentationTube, the video, slide thumbs, transition time and other information are combined together in one ASF file. This ASF file is created by the Recorder when you you finish recording. When you upload this ASF file, PresentationTube platform extracts video, slides, transition time and other information and creates the video player and right-hand slide thumbnail menu. Using the slide thumbnail, the user can control the video player […]

Error in uploading the video presentation

Only ASF files are allowed for uploading to PresentationTube. PresentationTube provides an easy-to-use uploading technique with a simple progress bar to help you upload your video presentation and monitor the progress of file uploading. The uploader works with most browsers (Chrome, Firefox & IE). Once video uploading is complete, you will be forwarded to the presentation information form to complete (presenter’s name, description, title, tags, and privacy). After completing the form, you get the video […]

My webcam is not recognized by the Recorder

Under Camera Settings, in the left-hand explorer, click the red camera button to switch the camera on. From devices drop-down menu, select the camera you need to use, if you have more than one connected to your computer. Remember to enable all your USB Capture Devices in ¬†Windows Device Manager. The problem usually happen when you have a third-party software controlling or ¬†interfering with your webcam. Some tools like ManyCam doesn’t allow the recorder to […]

The quality of video output is very low

PresentationTube video quality is optimized for display in PresentationTube video player with frame width=746 and frame height=420. Typically, PresentationTube Recorder records at 24 frames per second (fps) to improve the quality of video output and give the appearance of seamless movement. When increasing frame rate, we recommend that you also keep in mind how it will affect the overall recording file size. Bitrate is the number of bits used per unit of playback time to […]

The recorder does not save the files

After finishing your recording, click the Stop button to save your video presentation. The recorder generates the video presentation file in ASF format (Video Presentation file) for uploading and sharing on PresentationTube. To save your file successfully, please ensure that you have permission to save in this location. In same cases the recorder doesn’t save the files successfully if the hard disk drive or the flash device was formatted in an earlier version of the […]

No audio in my video, how can I fix it?

Please check your audio level settings in the Recorder Click to expand the Camera Settings tab in the left-hand explorer then click the speaker icon to open the Audio Detection box. On the Audio Detection box select the appropriate audio device/microphone. ¬† Click the Test Audio button to test the audio recording level. To adjust the volume for your microphone in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, follow these steps: Click StartStart button, type in the […]

How can I annotate my slides?

Perhaps one of the most important feature that Microsoft PowerPoint truly lacks, is the ability to annotate slideshows during presentations. With annotations, you can easily highlight specific parts of your PowerPoint content on the fly, drawing your audience’s attention to important information whenever the need arises. To annotate your slides while recording your video presentation: Open PowerPoint slides Click on the Slides button on the toolbar to expand the Slides tab , if not expanded. […]

Not able to import my PowerPoint slides

Please double check that you have MS PowerPoint installed in your system (2003/07/10/13/16). Please double check that the presentation you have is saved using the PowerPoint version you have in your system, otherwise, please re-open and save the presentation again, then close PowerPoint.

Not able to run PresentationTube Recorder

Please restart your system before running the Recorder and ensure that you have the minimum requirements for installing PresentationTube Recorder. To avoid any unexpected errors, right-click on the recorder icon and run as administrator. Run time errors can occur if you are running two software programs that aren’t compatible, if your computer has memory problems, or if the computer has been infected with malicious software. It is recommended to install the latest updates for Windows.

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