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Can I restrict who can see the content somehow, or is it then publicly available to anyone that searches for it online?

You can upload your video presentation and select “Unlisted” from Privacy menu. The video will be accessible only by those who have the video link and will not be reachable via the PresentationTube search results. Also, you can embed the video in your website or private portal, so it will be accessible only by your audience. Otherwise, buy the Pro version and save your video in the standard WMV format to share it with your audience in anyway.

Does PresentationTube Recorder take high resolution videos that do not loose quality when zoomed in?

Screen recording is literally that what the user would see on screen. There is no need to make it any higher resolution or sharper than it is. It is what it is and that is what you should show the user. Screenshots are always raster graphics. A raster graphics image is a dot matrix data structure representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels. Raster graphics are pixel-based; they are comprised of many pixels that each have color information. When you […]

I would like to post a presentation created on PresentationTube to my YouTube channel, but I get an error, how?

You can’t simply convert this format to YouTube compatible format, but you have two options: 1. Buy the Pro version which saves the video in ASF and WMV format at the same time, so you can upload the video to YouTube. 2. Upload your video in ASF format to PresentationTube, which automatically upload it to YouTube using. Click on YouTube Logo in video player to watch the video on YouTube and get the link from […]

How can I change the background image in the side-by-side mode?

To change the background image of your camera, click on the “Change Background” link and select the image you need to ad as a background. Only JPG and GIF formats are supported. Although you can select any image size for the background, it is recommended to use an image with the following dimensions: Width= 750 pixel Height= 420 pixel

I see my video uploaded to YouTube, why?

PresentationTube uses YouTube’s API (Application Programing Interface) to upload videos to PresentationTube Channel on YouTube. Uploading videos to YouTube allows us to benefit from the advanced and free video hosting and streaming technology offered by YouTube. When you upload the video presentation file (ASF) via PresentationTube, the platform extract the video file and upload it directly to our PresentationTube Channel. No need to have a YouTube account to have your video uploaded. By using our […]

How can I embed a video presentation in my website, blog, or course page?

Embedding the video presentation in your blog, website, or learning management system (such as Moodle and Blackboard) is very simple and straight forward, the same as embedding a YouTube video. Click on “Embed” button under the video presentation and copy the code then paste it in your website where you need to appear. To embed the video presentation in your Moodle course, click Moodle button and copy the code. You can embed the video presentation […]

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