Presentation Recorder 4.0: Getting Started | PresentationTube

Getting Started


The recorder allows you to narrate slides, and synchronize a variety of visual media, including camera streaming, slides, and computer screen.


The online video platform uses the latest YouTube Data API with advannced video uploader to upload and combine video with scrollable slides.


The online platform allows you to share video with your audience, select level of privacy, and help your audience to control both the progress and length of video tutorial.

Record, Uplaod & Share
To start, download and install PresentationTube Recorder then double click to run the software:

PresentationTube Recorder 4.0

1. Click Open Slides button in the toolbar to import your PowerPoint presentation slides.

2. In the left-hand panel, set the following options:

Video Size
Choose the appropriate video resolution. The higher resolution the higher video quality. Increase your video resolution (for example: 1080p Max HD) if your audience are intended to watch the video in large screen, or if you record the full computer screen (for example: recording small text in the screen, particularly if you teach coding or graphics).

Set cam source and settings, and turn on your webcam before recording if you need to show your face or overlay your camera while recording at the same time. Remember; recording with your webcam is very useful for social presence and can be a great way to connect with your audience. Showing your face on a video allows your audience to identify with you and see your facial expressions while presenting a topic. During the recording, you have the option to switch between your webcam and your slides.

Audio Settings
Select your audio device and audio level. Remember to record a short testing video before recording your main video presentation.

Capture Options
Check/uncheck mouse cursor options as required.

3. Click Start button and wait for the five-second countdown before starting recording.

4. Use the slide navigation menu at the bottom bar to move to the next, previous, first, or last slide while recording.

5. Draw over slides or annotate your slides using the red and blue marker. Click Eraser icon to clear your annotations.

6. Toggle between the five different recording layouts while recording:

Slide only
To present slides only in full-screen mode.

Cam only
To show your face cam only in full-screen mode.

Cam beside slide
To show slides and camera in side-by-side mode.

Cam over slide
To apply the overlay camera on top of the slides. Move your mouse over the camera window (the pointer will be turned into a cross with arrows) to move the camera over the slide.

To record the entire computer screen, including desktop and any application running in your comouter. 

7. Click Pause or Resume buttons while recording to pause or resume recording.

8. Click Stop button to finish and save your video in one of the following formats:

ASF format
To save your video in ASF format that combine video with slides and allow your audience to move to the respective video content and control both the progress and length of video tutorials.

WMV/MP4 format (pro version only)
To save your video in the standard WMV/MP4 format, so you can upload and share via social media, like YouTube and WhatsApp. 

9.Click Play button to select and review your video before uploading. 

10. Click Upload to open PresentationTube website and upload your ASF video to PresentationTube, or go to PresentationTube website and click Upload link to upload your video and follow uploader instruction. 

11. Once video uploaded and processed (2-5 minutes), copy and share the video page URL with your audience.