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Slideator offers free slide recording tools and video management platform to help you record and share your video presentations easily and effectively

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Slideator Recorders allow you to record, and annotate your slides, and synchronize a variety of essential visual media, including your camera and computer screen. The recorders automate the process of recording and ensures that you only need minimal technical knowledge and spend no additional time creating quality video.

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The online platform is developed with YouTube and uses the latest YouTube Data API technology to upload, process, and host video tutorials and combine video with scrollable slide thumbnails, allowing the audience to move to the respective video content and control both the progress and length of video tutorials.

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You can use Slideator to share your video content and support learning by presenting curriculum materials, illustrating ideas that are less easily explained through traditional media, and providing enrichment activities for learners in traditional face-to-face settings or through e-learning environments.

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