Opening and Recording the Presentation

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  1. Click the “Open” button in the toolbar to load your PowerPoint presentation slides into the recorder main window.
  2. Under “Camera Settings”, in the left-hand explorer bar, switch on the camera and adjust camera properties  and microphone level. Click on “Select Device” drop-down menu to select your webcam.
  3. Click “Options” button, in the main toolbar, to adjust recording options.
  4. When ready, click the “Record” button.
  5. Use the slide control toolbar in the bottom  (First, Previous, Next, Last) to navigate forward and back through the presentation.
  6. Toggle between presenter’s webcam, slides, whiteboard, drawing board, screen recording, and web browser while recording using the main toolbar buttons.
  7. Use the whitebeard to explain ideas and concepts using text using the simple text editor in the text pane.
  8. Use the drawing board to draft out or explain a concept or relationship using the drawing tools in the draw pane
  9. Use the camera position control at the left-bottom corner of the window to show, hide or change the camera view and position.
  10. Click “Pause” to stop recording temporarily and click again “Resume” to continue recording.
  11. Click “Stop” to end recording and save your video presentation files. Enter the video filename and destination folder to save the video presentation file in ASF format (for uploading to PresentationTube).