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Only ASF files are allowed for uploading to PresentationTube. PresentationTube provides an easy-to-use uploading technique with a simple progress bar to help you upload your video presentation and monitor the progress of file uploading. The uploader works with most browsers (Chrome, Firefox & IE). Once video uploading is complete, you will be forwarded to the presentation information form to complete (presenter’s name, description, title, tags, and privacy). After completing the form, you get the video presentation link to watch and share.

In some occasions, the video uploading is interrupted due to some Internet connection problems, such as slow speed connections or uploading large ASF files. Please try to upload the ASF file again if the video uploading is not complete, or if you do not fill-out the video presentation information form.

If you get an error message while uploading the file (Not able to upload your video) this means that the ASF file is not a valid video presentation file and you have to re-record your video presentation.